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LUCKNOW: In anticipation of potential floods, the Yogi government has undertaken extensive preparations across the state to control the situation in the state and established 612 flood posts in 24 highly sensitive and 16 sensitive areas, where NDRF, SDRF and PAC troops have been deployed.
These posts aim to manage flood situations effectively and minimize casualties and property damage.In addition to this, the tender process for food grains has been successfully completed in 39 out of 40 districts to aid residents in flood-affected regions.
Yogi government has also allocated a fund of Rs 10 crore for flood-affected districts. With the allocated funds, two types of food packets will be distributed in flood-affected areas which will contain daily need items such as food, candles, tarpaulin, bathing soap, etc.
Recently, CM Yogi provided crucial instructions to officials in a high-level meeting on preemptive flood measures. Following these directives, officials executed preparations in a mission mode within a remarkably short span of four to five days.
Principal secretary revenue P Guru Prasad said that CM Yogi had instructed the officials to remain alert in flood-affected areas and strengthen the preparations. In accordance with this directive, 612 flood posts have been set up in the state’s highly sensitive and sensitive areas. Additional flood posts are also being established in these areas. A total of 7 teams of NDRF, 18 teams of SDRF and 17 teams of PAC have been deployed in these flood posts. Along with this, Aapda Mitras have also been deployed.
He further informed that boats have been identified and sailors have been deployed in all the flood-affected districts. A total of 4700 Rahat Chaupals were organized in flood-affected areas in a year wherein people were informed about how to protect themselves and their cattle during floods. As part of pre-flood preparedness, mock drills have been conducted by the SDRF, NDRF, and PAC in 25 districts.
Relief commissioner GS Naveen mentioned that an amount of Rs 10 crore has been released for flood-affected districts. With this funding, various essential purchases have been completed in these districts. He informed that the tender process for food packets has been completed in 39 out of 40 flood-affected districts. Meanwhile, the tender for food packets in Ghazipur will be completed in a day or two.
He further said that two types of food packets will be distributed in flood-affected areas. The first packet will contain two packets of 2.5 kg each of puffed rice, 2 kg roasted gram, 1 kg jaggery in a plastic packet, 10 packets of biscuits, one packet of matchsticks and candles, 2 pieces of bathing soap, a 20-litre jerry can, one tarpaulin of 12 x 10 square feet thickness whose GSM should not be less than 110, among other items will be distributed to each family.
Similarly, the second packet includes 10 kilograms of wheat flour, 10 kilograms of rice, 2 kilograms of tur dal, 10 kilograms of potatoes, 200 grams of turmeric, 100 grams of chilli powder, 200 grams of vegetable masala, 1 litre of mustard oil, and 1 kilogram of salt for each person.
Earlier, Uttar Pradesh’s jal shakti minister Swatantra Dev Singh visited Badaun on Thursday to assess the situation after recent heavy rainfall.
Incessant rains in the region in the last couple of days have caused several difficulties for residents.
Swatantra Dev Singh inspected the embankments in Nagla Varan, where an alert has been issued after the recent heavy rains, to ensure they were prepared for any flooding.
“The last time we were hit with floods, we faced devastating conditions. Several MLAs of Badaun had complained about the embankments on which work was done. However, this time we have made the best arrangements for the people, and there will be no erosion in the villages,” he said while speaking to ANI.
He said that all necessary arrangements have been made for people living near the Ganga river banks. “We have ensured that appropriate arrangements have been made so that the people living in the low-lying areas of the Ganga river will be safe and unharmed. If there is any danger, we have made all necessary arrangements,” the minister added.
Singh also appealed to the people to be cautious and keep the Ganga river clean. “I appeal to the people to not cause any harm to the Ganga river and keep it clean. People should be cautious and take necessary actions,” he said.

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