Will Apple go big on AI at WWDC 2024? Almost certainly – but it could ‘think different’

You can’t swing a metaphorical cat in a virtual room without some tech-savvy person harping on about AI. And over the past year and a bit, AI interest has exploded thanks to the rise of generative AI; for the uninitiated, that’s smart algorithms and modes that can basically create things from various commands and inputs rather than acting as a smart assistant. 

As such, we saw the Google Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro go hard on generative AI, specifically with its Magic Editor and smart features that can pretty much handle calls for you. Samsung then did the same with the Galaxy S24 series, on which the rather snazzy Circle to Search AI feature made its debut. Google I/O was a feast of AI announcements and forward-thinking, with Gemini AI in the limelight. 

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