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KOLKATA: West Bengal governor CV Ananda Bose, facing molestation charges from a former employee of Raj Bhavan, announced Wednesday that he would present Raj Bhavan’s CCTV footage to 100 private citizens of Bengal, excluding “Mamata Banerjee and her police”.
“Under the Sach Ke Samne programme, anyone who wants to see the CCTV footage can send an email to or call the Raj Bhavan to register their names at 033-22001641.The first hundred would be allowed to see the footage inside Raj Bhavan at 11.30am on May 9,” Raj Bhavan said in a statement. The programme is aimed at addressing what was described as “mischievous and fabricated allegations” by police regarding the handling of CCTV footage related to the case.
In response, state finance minister Chandrima Bhattacharya questioned governor Bose’s decision, asking why he was withholding the CCTV footage from police if he was innocent. She said: “The CCTV footage should be on public display if he is such an honest and innocent person. But here he is playing with the dignity of women, so he wants to shield it from police and is even unwilling to show it to the CM. Why can’t the CM see it, if there is no foul play?”
CM Banerjee and Trinamool have been going after the governor since the former Raj Bhavan employee filed a police complaint against Bose last Thursday. “He is now trying to show it (footage) to his own henchmen and get a certificate from them. When our state has 11 crore people, why show it to 100 people only in private?” she asked.

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