Vishnupriya murder case in Kerala: Accused found guilty, court to pronounce sentence on May 13

The Thalassery Additional District Sessions Court in Kerala on May 10 found the accused Shyamjit (27) guilty in the Vishnupriya murder case. The court will pronounce the sentence on May 13 (Monday).

The verdict brings closure to a tragic incident that shook Panur in Kannur.

Shyamjit committed the heinous act on October 22, 2022 despite Vishnupriya’s earlier decision to end their relationship.

The crucial evidence in the case, a 13-second video clip capturing the accused’s intrusion into Vishnupriya’s residence, played a pivotal role in the verdict.

Additionally, CCTV footage presented by the prosecution depicting Shyamjit purchasing the murder weapon solidified the case against him.

The murder was committed on October 22, 2022 at Vallya, Panur, when Shyamjit fatally attacked Vishnupriya while she was engaged in a video call with her boyfriend. The accused inflicted 29 wounds on Vishnupriya’s body, including a fatal blow to the head with a hammer followed by a throat slit. The accused committed the crime when Vishnupriya’s family was away.

The motive behind the act stemmed from Vishnupriya’s decision to end her relationship with Shyamjit.

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