This $40 Subscription Will Bring AI Into Your Business

TL;DR: Tap into a powerful world of AI with more than 82% off the 1minAI platform now at $39.99 through July 21.

Businesses these days are scrambling to see how AI can help them innovate and grow. While AI hasn’t exactly entered into the mainstream without some ethical and moral questions, companies are nonetheless moving fast towards finding ways to incorporate expensive AI models into their business.

If you’re running a smaller business, you may not feel like adopting OpenAI is for you, but that doesn’t mean you can’t leverage the power of AI. In fact, during our version of Prime Day, you can get a lifetime subscription to the 1minAI platform for just $39.99.

About 1minAI

1minAI leverages some of the world’s most powerful existing AI models, including OpenAI (which powers ChatGPT), Meta, Midjourney, Google AI and more. The intuitive platform makes it easy to pursue a range of AI tasks. You can create SEO-optimized content quickly, perform keyword research, write ad copy for a variety of mediums, and much more with just a few prompts.

You can generate images for your marketing campaigns and edit them to fit your brand. You can use the audio and video editor to seamlessly transcribe and process files to ensure clarity. Plus, you can even use AI tools to work more effectively with PDFs, summarizing the content, translating the text within and answering questions about the information within the PDF. It’s an all-in-one tool that will help you save time and increase your productivity without breaking the bank.

Take a step into the AI revolution at a reasonable price. Now through 11:59 pm PT on July 21, you can get a lifetime subscription to the 1minAI platform for 82% off $234 at just $39.99.

Prices and availability subject to change.

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