The 5 Best Smartphone Deals for July 2024

From the workhorse you use for calls from the office and in the field to retro flip phones to kick off a casual conversation with a client, cell phones are arguably an essential device for most people today. If you’re in the market for a new smartphone, look no further than these hot deals happening this month.

Shopping for a phone can get more complicated than shopping for other hardware because of the carrier plans. A carrier might have low-cost upgrades or business unlimited plans, while an unlocked or prepaid phone works independent of any carrier. For business, it’s likely you have a carrier and maybe an unlimited plan, so we’ve tilted slightly toward the carrier deals, but you’ll need to double check whether they apply to your plan. If they do, you can often get a new phone as part of a free upgrade or join a payment plan that lumps the cost of the phone in with the cost of the data over a couple of years.

When assessing deals to determine the top five, we considered the depth of the discount, the quality of the product and its possible applications for business, from corporate to freelance. We’ve tried to provide a variety of brands since it’s likely you already have a preference between Apple, Android, Google or something else.

Disclaimer: The pricing and product availability information were accurate at the time of publication. Pricing for smartphones usually depends on numerous factors, which may be individual to the buyer.

Best smartphone deals for July 2024: Comparison table

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra at AT&T: Best Samsung Galaxy deal

Photo of Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra, back and front.
Image: AT&T

Price: $299.99 with a trade-in and an unlimited plan.

The Galaxy S24 Ultra can run Google’s generative AI, such as the Imagen 2 image maker, and our reviewer called this model “incredible” earlier this year. For existing AT&T customers, you can trade in your existing phone and upgrade to the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra with an eligible unlimited plan for up to $1,000 off the $1,299.99 retail price. This kind of perk isn’t unusual with carriers, but the depth of this discount brings you to a very reasonable $8.34 per month if you pay for this phone on the payment plan. If you know you like the Galaxy and want to upgrade to the newest and more premium version, this is a great deal that could save you a grand.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 at Samsung: Best flip phone deal

Photo of five Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 phones.
Image: Samsung

Price: $499.99 with maximum trade-in.

This deal is for an unlocked phone, so you can pair it with any carrier. Samsung is offering $500 off the trendy flip phone if you trade in your older smartphone. Well, it’s $500 if you specifically trade in a relatively new Galaxy S23 Ultra 5G, with older devices or devices from other brands decreasing the discount from there. Such is the nature of smartphone deals: They often come with some very specific fine print. But if you have the perfect setup for this deal, you’ll get a charming and highly performant phone in return.

The Galaxy Z Flip5 runs Android 13 including AI features, and its small size is good for business travel or back-to-back meetings. Just be aware that the hinge is the part likely to wear out first.

You can sometimes find other Flip5 deals on Amazon or deeper discounts at carriers, although some of those require setting up a new line, which isn’t convenient.

Google Pixel 8a at AT&T: Best Google phone deal

Photo of Google Pixel 8a.
Image: AT&T

In late June and early July, AT&T is offering a $2.99 per month deal for Google’s 2024 Pixel 8a, a really remarkable price. The catches: You have to sign up for or already have a qualified AT&T unlimited plan, and the savings trickle out over 36 months. So, you’ll need to plan to keep this phone for 36 months, and lock in to AT&T. Still, that’s a very impressive per-month price. AT&T is also offering:

  • Google Pixel Buds for 50% off if you purchase this or another Pixel phone from them through July 11.
  • $100 off Ray Ban Meta smart glasses with the purchase of another connected device and qualified plans.

Google Pixel 8 Pro at Mint Mobile: Best prepaid smartphone deal

Photo of a black Google Pixel 8 Pro, back and front.
Image: Mint Mobile

Price: $559.

Mint Mobile, now a subsidiary of T-Mobile US, offers prepaid phone plans through an eSIM, including six months free for new customers. If you want this type of plan, Mint Mobile offers a $440 discount on the Google Pixel 8 Pro with it.

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Apple iPhone 15 at Verizon: Best Apple iPhone deal

Photo of an Apple iPhone 15, back and front.
Image: Verizon

Price: Free with Verizon Unlimited Plus or Unlimited Ultimate and 36-month contract.

Verizon is offering $829.99 off the current-generation iPhone 15, meaning the phone works out to be free compared to the $799 retail price. You’ll need to pay for Verizon’s Unlimited Plus or Unlimited Ultimate plan, and the savings are doled out as monthly credit for 36 months. The iPhone 15 has good photo editing features, like editing out backgrounds, that can be used for work. Plus, it will be compatible with iOS 18 when the new operating system comes out this fall. The iPhone 15 won’t be able to use Apple Intelligence, though.

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