‘Suwar mar gaya hai’, ‘Kutta pagal ho gaya hai’, ‘Billi mar gayi hai’: Jaipur Municipal Corporation’s complaint portal goes viral with humorous Hinglish options | India News

NEW DELHI: The Jaipur Municipal Corporation (JMC) has become an internet sensation due to its unique and humorous approach to handling civic complaints.
The JMC’s revamped complaint portal, designed to address issues like stray dogs and general city maintenance, has caught the public’s eye for its witty and user-friendly Hinglish options.
Filing complaints about civic problems in Jaipur has traditionally been a cumbersome process, bogged down by formal language and bureaucratic jargon.However, the JMC’s latest update has revolutionized this pr.vocess by introducing specific, straightforward options that make it easier for residents to voice their concerns.
When residents visit the Jaipur Nagar Nigam’s complaint portal, they are greeted with a selection of preset options that are not only relevant but also written in a relatable, colloquial style. Some of the notable options include:
“Kutte bohat ho gaye hain” (There are too many dogs)
“Kutta pagal ho gaya hai pakadwana hai” (Dog has gone mad, needs to be caught)
“Nali ki safai karani hai” (Sewer needs to be cleaned)
“Billi mar gayi hai” (Cat has died)


Some other categories said-
“Parking ke jayda paise mang rahe hai” (Charging more for parking)
“Water cooler kharab hai” (Water cooler is not working)
“Colony ka main gate tuta hua hai” (Main gate of the colony is broken)
These presets, listed under various sub-categories, cover a wide range of common civic issues, making the complaint process more accessible and engaging for users.
The unconventional approach quickly went viral on social media, evoking both amusement and praise from netizens. Screenshots and videos of the complaint options spread rapidly, with users commenting on the simplicity and relatability of the language used.
“The developer of Jaipur Municipal Corporation’s website is crazy,” one user on X (formerly Twitter) remarked, highlighting the humorous yet effective nature of the preset options. Another user praised the portal, saying, “Jaipur Municipal Corporation doing it right,” and shared a video demonstrating the ease of use.

Despite the widespread amusement, the JMC took note of the feedback and made adjustments to the portal to maintain a balance between professionalism and accessibility. The updated website now features a more formal set of options, but it still retains the user-friendly approach that initially drew attention.
Positive responses continued to pour in, with many residents appreciating the effort to simplify the complaint process. “I don’t understand what’s the problem here. This is common-speak. This is the language that your neighbor and my neighbor speak. If the most basic citizen wants to lodge a complaint, this will make it easy for them,” wrote X user Apoorv Jain.

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