Rahul Gandhi’s remarks a sinister attempt to demonise Hindus, Hindutva: RSS functionary

NEW DELHI: A senior RSS functionary, in the latest edition of Sangh inspired “Organiser” weekly, has maintained that the recent statement by Congress leader Rahul Gandhi in Parliament that ‘those who called themselves Hindu are violent, spread hatred and falsehood’ is a sinister attempt to demonise Hindus, Hindutva and a scripted conspiracy to divide society by pushing a repackaged Nehruvian Secularism on to the Indian psyche.
“Although there has been an attempt by Left-Liberal-Islamist ecosystem to create a binary between Hinduism and Hindutva, their efforts did not bear fruit due to their declining political clout. But with a slightly renewed mandate in the recent Lok Sabha election, they try to push this dangerous narrative upon the country,” senior Sangh functionary J Nandakumar has written in the latest edition of the Weekly.
Nandkumar has further stated that the statement made by Gandhi was a plain attempt to create confusion and chaos in the country and among Hindus in particular and reap political harvest.
He has also claimed that Hindu Dharma does not give any individual or sect a mandate to brand any person ‘non-believer’ or fake. “By doing this, with his lopsided understanding of the concept of Shiva, Rahul Gandhi has tried to graft Abrahamic approach on the Hindu Dharma,” Nandakumar has said.
The RSS functionary’s remarks are a counter to parts of Gandhi’s first speech as leader of opposition recently in the Lok Sabha where he made mends when Prime Minister Narendra Modi objected, saying, “Calling entire Hindu community violent is a very serious matter.”
The RSS functionaries’ detailed observations carried prominently in the Weekly magazine inspired by the Sangh is yet another example of its firm support to the BJP and its bid complementing the political outfit over narratives targeted against them and their common ideologies.
Taking a cue from PM Modi equating Gandhi’s remarks as “Balak Buddhi”, the RSS functionary has stated that “several commentators” have dismissed Rahul Gandhi’s statement as a juvenile attempt to corner the BJP leadership.
“Raising the photograph of Bhagwan Shiva (thank God, he spared Allah – so his head is in the right place) in the house was not without a purpose. It’s part of a well-thought-out global plan to divide and emaciate the Hindu society by forces who have their handlers in foreign lands,” Nandakumar has observed.
He has also highlighted how the Congress associates, especially in South, have already planned to build an ‘architecture of hate and anarchy’ by pushing the old Aryan-Dravidian narrative in a new format.
“A ‘Muruga conclave’ is being planned to pit Bhagwan Karthikeya against ‘North Indian invader’ Bhagwan Ram. Sometime ago, a DMK leader had said: ‘Who is Ram? Ram has no relevance in the South.’ By this exercise, they propose to drive wedge between Saivaites and Vaishnavaites,” he has written.

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