Prime Video movie of the day: The LEGO Batman Movie is an absolute hoot about an emo in a batsuit

I don’t think I’ve ever laughed as much at a bunch of bricks as I did when I saw The LEGO Batman Movie. It’s so full of jokes that it’s worth a second watch to catch all the ones you missed the first time around. Although, it’s technically a kid’s movie, it’s a lot of fun for adults too, and the characterisation of Batman as an ageing emo in a suit is inspired – and inspires some of the Prime Video movie’s best gags.

Why The LEGO Batman Movie has its bat cake and eats it too

What I love most about this movie – and I love all kinds of things about it – is that it absolutely has its bat cake and eats it too: in much the same way that Airplane! took a serious movie and copied it while absolutely packing it with gags, The LEGO Batman Movie does much the same here. It’s a classic Gotham-in-peril story with some really exciting action scenes, absolutely gorgeous visuals and characters you care about. And it’s also a total gag-fest that often reduced me to giggling, wheezing tears.

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