Pioneering innovation in contact centers: A CEO’s Perspective

Today, we know two things to be true when it comes to business and innovation: our world is driven by customer experience, and the rate of change is unrelenting. This is especially true when you look at the contact center as the tip of the spear in this digital, customer-centric world we’re in.

The contact center is no longer just about voice: it’s about omnichannel, inbound, outbound, ubiquitous AI, workforce solutions, and on and on. All of these components deeply impact how companies deliver customer experiences but are also extremely disruptive. The more disruptive innovation is, the more fatiguing it is to pursue. For organizations in highly complex, data sensitive industries, I’d maintain that this level of innovation feels unfeasible. It doesn’t just aggravate business management, it’s a fundamental business risk they can’t take on in those sensitive circumstances.

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