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NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed several ongoing global disputes during his discussions with Austrian Chancellor Karl Nehammer on Wednesday, including the Ukraine conflict and the situation in West Asia.
“I have said it earlier also that this is not the time for war,” reiterated PM Modi in Austria. “We won’t be able to find solutions to problems in the warfield.Wherever it is, the killing of innocent people is unacceptable. India and Austria emphasize dialogue and diplomacy, and for that, we are together ready to give any support required.”
The leaders also united in their stance against terrorism. “We both strongly condemn terrorism. We agree that it is not acceptable in any form,” PM Modi said during the joint press statement with the Austrian Chancellor.
‘Visit historic and special
PM Modi described his visit to Austria as “historic and special,” marking a significant moment at the start of his third term. “I am glad to have had the opportunity to visit Austria at the beginning of my third term,” said PM Modi.
In a joint statement with Austrian Chancellor Karl Nehammer, the leaders also highlighted the long-standing relationship between India and Austria, which dates back to the 1950s.
Emphasizing the strong foundations of India-Austria relations, PM Modi highlighted the shared belief in values such as democracy and the rule of law. “Shared belief in values such as democracy and rule of law are strong foundations of India-Austria relations,” he said.
Chancellor Nehammer acknowledged India’s pivotal role in supporting Austria, leading to the successful negotiation of the Austrian State Treaty in 1955. He emphasized, “There is a very good relationship between India and Austria. It’s a relationship of trust which began in the 1950s…India helped Austria, and in 1955, the negotiations came to a positive conclusion with the Austrian State Treaty.”
During their discussions, both leaders expressed concern over the current geopolitical climate. Chancellor Nehammer said, “Last night and this morning, we had very intensive talks about the Russian war of aggression against Ukraine. For me, as the Federal Chancellor of Austria, it is particularly important to get to know India’s assessment and to understand it and familiarize India with European concerns and worries.”
The leaders also touched upon the ongoing conflict in the Middle East, recognizing the complex and challenging geopolitical landscape. Chancellor Nehammer noted, “Moreover, the conflict in the Middle East was a major topic and in addition to this challenging geopolitical situation, we also referred to the positive aspects of our cooperation.”
This visit is the first by an Indian Prime Minister to Austria in 41 years.

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