Lens on 2018 Rajasthan job test ‘double fraud’ | India News

JAIPUR: Rajasthan police are investigating a potential paper leak in the 2018 physical training instructor (PTI) recruitment exam for govt schools in Banswara and Dungarpur. This follows the discovery of irregularities during the 2022 PTI examination, after several successful candidates’ college degrees were rechecked and found to be fake or forged.
Police in Dungarpur have identified 14 candidates who allegedly secured positions using fake degrees during the Aug 2018 exam.These people, now working in various schools in Dungarpur, are also suspected of having accessed a leaked question paper before the exam.
Preliminary investigations revealed that two men, known members of local exam fraud gangs, arranged the leak, sources said.
In Banswara, police compiled a list of 70 candidates with fake degrees. It is suspected that they too got a leaked paper before the exam in 2018. The details will be shared with Rajasthan police’s special operations group (SOG).
SOG recently arrested the founder of Churu-based OPJS University, its former registrar, and a partner owner of Sunrise University in Alwar. Sources said at least 1,300 candidates in the 2022 exam used fake degrees allegedly provided by OPJS University.

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