Here is How Much Rain Has Fallen in Los Angeles

The powerful storm that brought heavy winds and the risk of severe flooding to much of Southern California on Sunday was expected to linger over the Los Angeles area until Tuesday morning.

The heaviest rainfall was expected to occur overnight and into Monday morning. A National Weather Service forecast said that up to three inches or more of rain was expected to fall through Tuesday in parts of Los Angeles and Orange Counties — totals that would meet or exceed the average ones for February in some locations.

A lot of rain, by local standards, had already fallen by Sunday night, with some locations doubling their two-day cumulative rainfall totals rainfall totals between 6 p.m. and 10 p.m. Here are the Weather Service’s two-day cumulative rainfall totals for six locations across Los Angeles County as of 10 p.m.:

Los Angeles International Airport: 1.66 inches

Pasadena: 2.7 inches

Santa Barbara Airport: 2.44 inches

Santa Monica Airport: 3.16 inches

Topanga: 7.54 inches

Ventura: 3.28 inches

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