Heartwarming video: South African Cheetah ‘Gamini’ and cubs play in rain at Kuno National Park | India News

NEW DELHI: The enchanting sight of South African cheetahGamini‘ and her five cubs frolicking in the rain brought joy to Kuno National Park on Friday.
The two-minute video clip, shared widely on social media, shows the playful cubs, born in March this year, jumping and tumbling among each other in the refreshing downpour as their mother joins in, keeping a vigilant eye on her young ones.
Union environment minister Bhupender Yadav captured the magical moment in a post on X, saying, “Together, they weave a timeless tale of familial harmony amidst nature’s seasonal embrace.”

Gamini’s journey to motherhood began on March 10, when she gave birth to her five cubs at Kuno National Park. This significant event was proudly announced by Yadav. The birth of Gamini’s cubs increased the total number of Indian-born cheetah cubs to 13.
“High Five, Kuno! Female cheetah Gamini, age about 5 years, brought from Tswalu Kalahari Reserve, South Africa, has given birth to 5 cubs today. This takes the tally of the Indian-born cubs to 13. This is the fourth cheetah litter on Indian soil and the first litter of cheetahs brought from South Africa,” Yadav shared in a post on X.
In his message, Yadav praised the team at Kuno National Park for creating a conducive environment for the cheetahs. “Congratulations to all, especially the team of forest officers, vets, and field staff who have ensured a stress-free environment for cheetahs, which has led to successful mating and birth of the cubs. The total number of cheetahs, including cubs in Kuno National Park, is 26. Gamini’s legacy leaps forward: Introducing her adorable cubs!” he said.
Earlier in January, Namibian cheetah ‘Jwala’ also contributed to the cheetah population with four cubs born at Kuno National Park. Cheetahs were declared extinct in India in 1952, but were reintroduced in 2022 through the ambitious Project Cheetah.
Under Project Cheetah, eight cheetahs from Namibia were introduced in India in 2022, followed by twelve cheetahs from South Africa, translocated and released in Kuno National Park in February 2023.
Despite these successes, the project has faced challenges, with the death of a cheetah translocated from Namibia in January this year. Since March 2023, seven adult cheetahs and three cubs born in India have died.

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