He Became a Surgeon Because of Grey’s Anatomy – Now He’s a Consultant on the Show

Neurosurgeon Stephen Bergin with Ellen Pompeo (as Meredith) while consulting on 19th season of Grey’s Anatomy / SWNS

A man inspired to become a neurosurgeon because of the hit TV hospital drama Grey’s Anatomy is now a medical consultant on the very show that convinced him to study medicine.

Now 35, Stephen Bergin first watched the show in high school and instantly became a regular viewer.

When he was in the fourth year of his residency program at Duke University Hospital, an announcement was made through the hospital that the show’s producers were recruiting medical consultants to work on season 19.

As a long-time fan, Bergin didn’t wait around to apply for the position.

“I was interested in it immediately because watching Grey’s Anatomy in high school inspired me to get into neurosurgery,” Bergin told the British news agency SWNS.

Stephen was selected to be a consultant—providing advice on script writing and guiding actors—and after a successful debut in 2022, the show kept him on to write for season 20 as well.

Now in the sixth year of his residency program, Bergin is currently involved with brainstorming ideas for season 21, after even appearing as an extra on one episode.

“The production always has medical specialists on staff for [consultation] and they like to have a resident in that bunch so all the resident storylines feel realistic,” said Bergin. “It was such a fun experience to be able to see all that goes into creating the show.”

“We would receive scripts from the showrunners or writers with lines in them that would literally say ‘medical, medical, medical;’ it was my job to fill in these lines with applicable medical jargon,” Bergin added, probably laughing.

Stephen also got involved in shooting the scenes and was on set during the filming of season 19’s mid-season finale “Thunderstruck” in October 2022.

Stephen Bergin pictured with cast members – SWNS

“I would also be consulted on what type of injury could bring two characters working in different medical departments together. For example, if they needed a reason for a neurosurgeon and a cardiothoracic specialist to be in a room together, I would come up with the injury that meant they were both needed,” he explained further.


But as a fan of the show, some of the best memories were meeting and advising the cast members directly.

“Ellen Pompeo was going over her lines at one point and asked if there was an alternative way of saying something. I suggested a change which got approved and then Ellen chanted ‘The doctor saved the script!’ over and over again.”


“I helped Caterina Scorsone, who plays Amelia Shepherd, understand the proper way to use a tool for the spine. She was so committed to doing a good job. They all were!”

Stephen now shares his experiences as well as general medical advice on his social platforms as @surgeonbergin.

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