Get 2 Lifetime Password Manager Subscriptions for Only $50

TL;DR: Just think how easy life will be when you only need to remember a single password and all your information is automatically entered into online forms. Get a two-account bundle to Sticky Password Premium for only $49.99 (reg. $399).

Creating and remembering long, complicated passwords is a huge disruption to work, and having your accounts hacked is a much more dangerous problem. Sticky Password is an award-winning program that can help you manage your passwords and fill out online forms automatically. Fortunately, you can now get a bundle of two lifetime subscriptions for Sticky Password Premium for the best-on-web price of $49.99 (reg. $399).


Each Sticky Password Premium account includes a secure digital wallet with an unlimited amount of encrypted password and data storage, an extra-strong password generator and secure notes. All of your business data and passwords are securely backed up to the cloud. Your passwords and personal data will be saved automatically, and the saved information will be used to instantly fill out online forms.

Strong encrypted passwords will be provided for all your accounts, and you will only need to remember a single master password. You’ll get biometric and two‑factor authentication, and you may choose between storing your password library on a local device or in the cloud. Plus, your passwords will automatically be monitored against data breaches, and Sticky Password will alert you if your sensitive data has been exposed.

Sticky Password Premium is as convenient as it is secure. Everything can be synced across all of your devices via local WiFi and in the cloud. You can even securely share your passwords so trusted contacts can have emergency access to your accounts when you can’t. The program works on Mac, Windows, iOS and Android. There is even a USB portable Windows version.

The program will create unique, strong passwords, and you’ll have access to them on all of your devices. You’ll never again have to worry about forgetting another password. Naturally, priority support is included. Also, as a bonus, this bundle also includes a year of Dark Web Monitoring Powered by ARC for each license.

Get this bundle of two lifetime subscriptions for Sticky Password Premium for the best-on-web price of $49.99 (reg. $399).

Prices and availability are subject to change.

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