Create something beautiful with HUAWEI’s incredible devices and the amazing GoPaint App

Of all the incredible things we humans can do, the creation of beauty is by far the most magical. And with the right tools to help us, we can power up our productivity and enhance our artistry. That’s why HUAWEI’s latest flagship devices and apps have been made with the creation of beauty at their core: whether you’re working, studying, playing or mixing all those things, HUAWEI has created incredible tools to empower and enhance everything you do.

Huawei MateBook X Pro

(Image credit: Huawei)

Innovative technology to empower your creativity

You can see a great example of innovation in action in the new MateBook X Pro, which is based on the groundbreaking HUAWEI Cloud Falcon architecture. Its lightweight and compact Modular PCB makes the entire laptop more compact while simultaneously making room for a larger fan, a bigger battery and a great-sounding speaker system. That means there’s no need to compromise between power, performance and portability.

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