Anthropic Releases Claude Team Enterprise AI Plan and iOS App

Anthropic unveiled Claude Team, its enterprise plan for the Claude AI, on May 1. Claude Team comes at an interesting time as companies jostle to find money-generating uses for generative AI. With Claude Team, Anthropic packages up generative AI that could be used for iterating on projects, analyzing documents or exploring possible productivity boosts, plus administrative tools suitable for business.

Plus, a Claude app is now available for iOS.

“The Claude Team plan and iOS app are part of a broader paradigm shift in how businesses use and collaborate with AI,” said Scott White, Anthropic product lead, in an email to TechRepublic. “With increased usage, admin controls, and access to the advanced Claude 3 model family, companies can now provide every employee with Claude’s capabilities.”

Anthropic’s Claude-powered products are available around the globe.

What is Anthropic’s Claude Team?

Anthropic’s Claude Team is a subscription plan that allows enterprise teams and administrators access to the Claude 3 generative AI and, in the future, will be able to connect it to CRMs.

Claude Team is meant to provide businesses a generative AI workbench.
Claude Team is meant to provide businesses a generative AI workbench. Image: Anthropic

Claude Team adds the following to the regular Claude offerings:

  • Increased usage — up to a 200K context window — meaning Claude can have more chats and digest longer documents than it can on the Pro plan.
  • Access to all three sizes of Claude 3 models: the large Opus, medium Sonnet and small Haiku.
  • Admin tools for managing users and billing.
  • All Pro features, including high priority during high-traffic times.

Anthropic plans to add integrations with data repositories such as CRMs and codebases soon. Other updates expected to come to Claude Team in the future include “citations from reliable sources to verify AI-generated claims” and the ability to iterate with other people on AI-generated projects.

Gartner analyst Arun Chandrasekaran noted in an email to TechRepublic that Anthropic is trying to target “business users desiring better predictability, higher quality responses and faster responsiveness” with Claude Team. He pointed out the timing of the release: a few months after OpenAI’s ChatGPT Team came to market.

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How much does a Claude Team subscription cost?

A Claude Team subscription costs $30 per month for a minimum of five users. You can sign up for Claude Team at the Claude homepage.

Claude app now available on iOS

The Claude app on iOS became available on the Apple App Store starting May 1. The app allows mobile access to the free chatbot as well as the Claude Pro and Team plans. In the app, Claude can interpret photos, documents or files. If you log in on multiple devices, Claude iOS will be able to pick up with your chats where you left off on another device.

The Claude app can be used to ask questions and generate content with the AI chatbot.
The Claude app can be used to ask questions and generate content with the AI chatbot. Image: Anthropic

Generative AI companies compete for enterprise use cases

As Microsoft is to OpenAI, Amazon is to Anthropic: Amazon gave $4 billion to Anthropic over the winter of 2023-2024, and Google funded Anthropic with $2 billion starting last October. All of the hyperscalers working on enterprise AI have successfully hyped up generative AI as a new idea, but monetizing generative AI products is hard.

“AWS and Google likely see Anthropic as their best option to compete with ChatGPT and Copilot and take market share from them,” said Gordon McKenna, vice president cloud evangelist and alliances at IT service management company Ensono, in an email to TechRepublic. “The timing of this announcement was likely coordinated with AWS and Google’s recent earnings announcements and intended to bolster their presence in this market.”

While Claude Team is $30 per month per person, OpenAI’s ChatGPT Team costs $25 per month per person annually or $30 per month per person monthly. ChatGPT Team’s minimum user count is two, while Claude Team has a minimum of five.

“It [Claude Team] definitely signals competitive pressure on ChatGPT’s mobile subscription business and will also put the ability to judge model efficacy and performance into the hands of daily users,” wrote Ricardo Madan, senior vice president at staffing agency TEKsystems Global Services, in a statement to TechRepublic by email.

“Anthropic’s Claude FM [foundation model] has already been in use at the enterprise level via Google Cloud’s Model Garden registry and is one [of] AWS’s principal 3nd party FMs appended to their Bedrock platform,” Madan wrote. “However Anthropic will essentially and eventually diminish any given company’s need to use them as a third party tool (through the hyperscalers) now that they’re planting a direct-access flag in the corporate model game.”

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