28-Year-old Man is Overwhelmed With Emotion After Hearing for the First Time–Watch

Aric Hoffmann – SWNS

A Los Angeles man was overwhelmed with emotion after hearing voices clearly for the first time, thanks to a cochlear implant.

Aric Hoffmann has lived with hearing impairment since he was a boy, after contracting meningitis when he was just six months old.

Up until now, the 28-year-old had to communicate by reading lips and using sign language.

As he got older his hearing worsened, pushing him to get a cochlear implant.

“Socializing with people was the most challenging for me before getting my implant because sometimes I don’t understand what people are saying.

“I’m now so excited to hear people talking so clearly, without asking to repeat and be able to keep the conversations going.

“I was very happy, crying, and overwhelmed to hear the sounds that I had never heard so clearly. I felt like a very emotional moment of my life had begun.”

In the video below, his eyes welled up with tears after his audiologist asked him how he was feeling.

“I tried to say something to express how I felt but the words wouldn’t come.”

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Immediately after getting his implant on on May 31st, Aric planned to visit one of his favorite places, Disneyland.

“When the Walt Disney Tiki Room show started, I was amazed how animatronic birds and tropical sounds came into my implants. I was happy to hear the whole show and it made me realize what I was missing out on.”

Aric is still adapting to all the new sounds he can hear, especially in his work as a movie entertainment facilities assistant because he hears so many background sounds while someone is talking.

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Watch the emotional video showing Aric speechless and tearful when the implant was turned on for the first time…

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